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Home Insurance

The crumbs in your toaster start a fire in your kitchen… Little Suzy from next door falls out of the tree house in your backyard… Your homeowners policy provides insurance coverage for each of these situations and many more.

Probably the most important investment of your life because it is a “package” of insurance for (1) your house, furniture and personal belongings, (2) your liability to others and (3) additional living expenses you may incur if your home is severely damaged.


HomeGuard® policy provides coverage for the following:

  • Building(s)

  • Contents

  • Specified Personal Items

  • Liability to domestic Employees 

  • Liability to the Public


  • Fire, explosion, lightning, thunderbolt and subterranean fire

  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption and tsunami

  • Flood

  • Windstorm, hurricane and tornado

  • Riot and Strike, labour or political disturbances

  • Malicious persons

  • Collapse due to subsidence or landslip

  • Escape of water from a fixed water, drainage or heating installation or from a washing machine, dish washer or waterbed

  • Theft or attempted theft

  • Collision by an aircraft or other aerial devices, (-and anything dropped from them), vehicles or animals

  • Falling radio or television aerials (including satellites dishes) their fittings and masts

  • Falling trees or branches or utility poles. We will pay for the cost of removal provided that they have caused damage to the insured buildings


  • Windstorm, hurricane, tornado, cyclone

  • Fire, explosion, lightning, thunderbolt,

  • Earthquake, volcanic eruption, tsunami

  • Flood

  • Riot, strikes, political disturbances

  • Malicious persons or vandals

  • Collapse due to subsidence or landslip

  • Theft or attempted theft

  • Smoke Damage

  • Underground Pipes and Cables

  • Damage to fixed glass and sanitary fixtures

  • Emergency Expenses

  • Loss of Rent

  • Cost of Temporary Accommodation

  • Debris Removal and Professional fees


Public Liability: US$1,000,000

Employer’s Liability: US$500,000

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