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Business Insurance

Take care of your business.



Contractors' All Risks policies provide an all risks coverage during the construction period for contract activity against loss or damage to property. It also covers third party liability for accidental bodily injury or property damage in connection with the performance of a contract, other than by an excluded cause. Simply put, when something goes wrong on the job site, we've got you covered



Guardian General Fire and Special Perils Policy allows you to recoup your losses quickly and efficiently. Wide ranging coverage for any eventuality gives you added protection and security.

This policy protects your financial interests in commercial property – buildings, stocks, plant and machinery, office equipment and other contents.

Traditional “Peril” covers are available. These include Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Hurricane, Flood, Riot and Strike, Malicious Damage, Impact Damage, Aircraft Damage, Burst Pipes and other specified miscellaneous perils. Any combination of “Perils” can be accommodated.

Our “ALL RISKS” policy for commercial property provides additional protection against Accidental Loss arising out of any peril NOT EXCLUDED by the policy.



The policy provides comprehensive cover including but not limited to hurricane, fire, theft etc. against physical loss or damage to the plant and machinery due to any cause other than those specifically excluded in the policy.



Covers loss of or damage from insured perils to a vessel, its machinery/gear or equipment . The policy can also be extended to include coverage to Third Parties (Protection & Indemnity) for property damage, death or bodily injury. 


Marine Cargo Insurance : covers physical loss of or damage to goods carried in a vessel or aircraft, whilst in transit from one location to the next on domestic or international journeys.


It's important that you keep your business from closing its doors due to unexpected events. If you are closed for business, suppliers and debtors still have to be paid. Don't let a circumstance outside your control interrupt your business' productivity causing you to close your doors for an undetermined period.


Our Business interruption insurance can keep your company's capital flowing in the event of a disruption.


The Contract Works Policy covers the obligations imposed on the contractor by the contract conditions. These contract conditions are often laid down in the standard form of building contractors. The general pattern of these contracts is to make the contractor responsible for loss or damage to the Works in certain circumstances and to require him to insure that responsibility under a policy satisfactory to the employer. Either the contractor or the principal can insure the contract works under a policy of insurance.

The coverage begins from the commencement of work and is terminated either on the handing over of works to the principal or at the expiry date of the policy, which ever is earlier.



Public/General Third Party Liability policies cover liability exposures arising out of business operations. In practice, it operates as a combination of Public Liability and Product Liability policies and also offers you various supplementary covers in the standard wording.


This policy provides indemnity to employers for their statutory liability to pay compensation to their workmen who suffer injury or disease during the course of their employment.


This provides indemnity to employers for “damages” which arise from injury to employees during their course of employment, where such injury results from employer negligence.

PROFESSIONAL INDEMNITY (or Errors & Ommission)

Professional Indemnity Insurance is a type of insurance designed to provide personal protection or protection of your business against any claims arising from bad or negligent advice or services. Accountants, lawyers, doctors, architects, IT consultants, business advisors, real estate agents, contractors are just a few professionals that would be protected by such policies.



Just about anyone can be sued as a result of their actions. We offer Personal Liability Insurance to cover you and your family from any unexpected legal claims.

Our Personal Liability insurance automatically covers you in case you are accused of slander, causing mental anguish or bodily harm. Even in the most frivolous cases, you may become overwhelmed in legal fees just to clear your good name.

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